Commercial Guideline

Articulating an IT project: Is an intellect of pricing and commercial guidelines

Below mentioned guidelines provide a basis for rough estimates. Please note, all projects are different in nature hence the pricing varies accordingly We focus to minimize your risk means we focus carefully on architecting and planning your solutions.

Discussion and Architecting continue for approx. 2-3 hours that results in a 5-10 page findings report. Aspects that determine commercial include the length of the discussion and project details. Timeframes can be from weeks to months subject to project complexity.

Projects can consist of multiple phases: front-end design & development, back-end integration & development, content porting, quality assurance, testing & deployment.

Choose A Plan

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Execution & Production

  • 1. UI/UX Design & Front-End Development

  • 2.Application (APP) Design, Development & Implementations

  • 3. WordPress+ / Open Source CMS Design & Implementation

  • 4. API Design & Implementation

  • 5. Customized CMS Design, Development & Implementation

  • 6. Enterprise CMS Design, Development & Implementations

Maintenance & Support

  • 1. Annual seamless maintenance

  • 2. Cloud Hosting

  • 3. Email with 10 GB space

  • 4. SSL