Request for proposal

ASCENSIONS always respond to RFP procurement processes

We consider workable RFPs, only if the client agrees to join discussion/architecting session

In General RFPs Are Restrictive

ASCENSIONS is a Solution-based company. We deliver customized solutions to our clients to help their organization achieve its goals.

We focus to provide you promises on budget, timeframe, and solution. To ensure these we keep ourselves stay within our structured and articulated process.


We Analyze Before We Recommend

Our goal is to first conduct architecture and discussion process. Only through this we recommend the suitable solutions to your organization's distinctive challenges

Could you trust a company who recommends a solution without taking time to understand your problem?

The way we respond RFPs
ASCENSIONS is interested in your project, only if we can follow the following response:

  1. We will conduct a fact-finding discussion call to study more about the project and judge that there is a fit between our organizations.
  2. If we come up with mutual consent that there is a fit then we will schedule the next call to understand more specific details about your organization and the particular project.
  3. After that call we will offer a proposal for an in-depth discussion and architecture knowhow.
  4. Apart from this our offer will include projected budget ranges.
  5. If agreed with complete findings report the recommendations and guaranteed budget will be provided.